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High-Capacity Elongated Tank

The elongated tank easily accommodates long surgical instruments and other lab equipment that may not fit into smaller desktop ultrasonic cleaners.

Effective Cleaning with Optional Heat Setting

The Sentry Ultrasonic Cleaner uses a powerful generator to create ultrasonic waves that provide effective cleaning action. When heavy bio-burden or oily residue is present, the Sentry’s cleaning power can be enhanced with a heating feature that warms water up to 65°C.

Quiet Operation*

The Sentry operates quietly without disrupting work in the laboratory. The tank has a lid to decrease noise and includes a viewing window that enables the user to monitor progress.

Small Footprint

This compact cleaner takes up little space for convenient storage on the lab bench. Its light weight makes for easy transport or for storage if bench space needs to be quickly cleared.


sentryDescription: Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Item Number: RS-9911

Price: $181.00

Accessories: Plastic tray; power cord

Voltage Rating & Frequency: AC100-120V-50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: AC100-120V-160W

Ultrasonic Frequency: 42,000 Hz

Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

Plastic Housing Material: ABS 757

Tank Size: 25 x150x80 mm; 9.84 Lx5.90 x3.15 H in.

Tank Capacity: 2500 ml (5.29 pt) (MAX-) 2100 ml 4.44 pt
(MIN-) 600 ml 1.27 pt

5-Cycle Digital Timer: 15 m – 20 m – 25 m – 30 m – 10 m

Net Weight: 2.5 kg

Warranty: One year

Please call Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. Customer Service at


if you have any questions or to place your order.