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New Dumont™ Forceps
from Roboz Surgical Instrument Co.

In our continued effort to provide our customers with the largest variety of surgical instruments, we have added new styles of our popular Swiss-made Dumont forceps. We are proud to announce that Dumont’s Vessel Cannulation Forceps, Vessel Dilation Forceps, Super Fine #5s, Corneal Forceps, and Ceramic Coated Forceps are now available. As with all of our Dumont forceps, these instruments are hand crafted in Switzerland by the world’s number one manufacturer of precision tweezers and forceps, continuing the same tradition of Swiss quality manufacturing they have been know for
since 1881.

Super Fine #5 Dumonts

These forceps have the finest tips ever produced by Dumont. They are half the size of the regular #5 biologie tips.

Super Fine #5 Dumont Forceps

Part Number Material Tips Width Diameter Length
RS-4955 Inox Super Fine .025mm .005mm 110mm


Vessel Cannulation Forceps

These forceps are used to introduce fine plastic tubing into small blood vessels. The tips of these forceps are designed to securely grip the tubing without deforming or damaging it. They allow you to precisely guide the tubing into the blood vessel opening without causing damage.

Part Number Material Width Diameter Length
RS-4990 Inox .75mm .35mm 131mm
RS-4991 Inox .90mm .5mm 130mm
RS-4992 Inox 1.4mm 1mm 128mm
Click on each part number for product image.

Vessel Dilation Forceps

These highly modified forceps have elongated, highly polished, parallel tips which are designed for controlled intraluminal vessel dilation.

Part Number Material Tips Width Diameter Length
RS-4927 Inox curved .2mm .16mm 120mm
RS-4929 Inox straight .2mm .16mm 115mm
Click on each part number for product image.

Corneal Forceps

These forceps are designed to hold different types of tissue, from eye surgery to wider microsurgical fields. The tips, backed by the tissue retention hole, securely grip tissue while minimizing trauma.

Part Number Material Width Thickness Diameter Length
RS-4952 Inox .3mm .3mm .35mm 135mm

Ceramic Coated Forceps

These forceps feature a PVD-thin-film-coating. The properties of this coating are: Hardness, Longer lifetime, Scratch resistance, No reflection for work under microscope, Anti-corrosiveness, Biocompatibility, Easy to clean.

Part Number Material Width Thickness Length
RS-4925 Black Ceramic
Coated Inox
.05mm .01mm 110mm

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