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.5mm Brain & Heart Matrices
*New* .5mm Matrices
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0.5mm* Brain and Heart Matrices

Large Rat Coronal
Large Rat Sagittal
Small Rat Coronal
Small Rat Sagittal
Mouse Heart Coronal
Mouse Coronal
Mouse Sagittal

We pushed technology to the limit to offer the possibility to dissect really thin slices. State-of-the-art manufacturing ensures that Alto 0.5mm* brain blocks have the narrowest channels separated by the finest walls on the market to enable you to cut up your sample into really fine slices.

Made of high quality stainless steel, harder than zinc, aluminum, or acrylic, Alto matrices will last longer withstanding repeated cleaning and autoclave sterilizing cycles. They can be cooled and used in experiments involving frozen tissue. The stainless steel material has no plating so its surface will not get ruined/chipped by the heat tension and it will not get chipped as a result of mechanical impact.

The strong stainless steel material drives the cutting blade firmly providing the accuracy needed for your research.

Alto 0.5mm* matrices may be used to produce sections for pharmacokinetic studies using the brain slice uptake method, for the dissection of discrete regions of a rodent brain for the biochemical analysis of various substances, and for the accurate blocking of organs for microtome sectioning.

Matrices Chart
Part# Size A
Cavity Depth
SA-4120 Rat Heart 12.7 19.9 - - - 9.6
SA-4140 Mouse Heart 8.3 12.1 - - - 4.8
SA-2165 Mouse coronal (40-75g) 3.18 11.1 8.73 19.1 12.2 7.4
SA-2265 Mouse sagittal (40-75g) 3.18 11.1 8.73 19.1 12.2 7.4
SA-2120 Small rat coronal (175-300g) 4.76 15.9 12.7 36.6 23.8 7.61
SA-2220 Small rat sagittal (175-300g) 4.76 15.9 12.7 36.6 23.8 7.61
SA-2150 Large rat coronal (300-600g) 4.76 19.8 14.7 36.6 24.7 10.91
SA-2250 Large rat sagittal (300-600g) 4.76 19.8 14.7 36.6 24.7 10.91

*1mm versions of most matrices are also available in both Stainless Steel and Acrylic. Click here to see the rest of our selection of Alto Brain and Heart Matrices.

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